Disharmonies or Music for Thought

Sound Poem:

If you watch this video you have to be ready to imagine a space that you don’t see.



The Golden Screen [ Whitechapel, London ]



The Author of  Whitechapel market’s golden screen aims to create a visual barrier to avoid the sight of waste containers from the street.

The Author aspires to be original in his design and opts for a golden colour and a riddled surface that would ideally integrate the new structure to the evident Islamic character of  Whitechapel – although the market has no aesthetic elements that might remind any Islamic architecture.

The Reader, who observes the urban system from the opposite side of the road, perceives the clear intention of the screen, which is to hide, but does not know exactly what, thus imagines.

The Reader wonders whether the screen acts as a mask, to conceal the real face of the market and its inner soul in the search of an illusory order extraneous to the essence of the market.

‘ To strip away the face from the soul would be in some sense to denature the soul itself, or at least to deprive it of that content received from the face as its expression and representation. The absence of a face would then imply the lack of a soul, for without visibility, nothing may be inferred to exist’.  

[ Anthony Vidler, Loosing Face, The Architectural Uncanny ]