Ghost Sicily: Raju Village

Raju Village (Fondachelli Fantina, Sicily) was hit by a disastrous flood in 1972 during which 4 people died. The village has been left empty since then.

Music & Voice (Ita): Rossella Scalia


Architettura Povera as Arte Povera [series]: Borgo Giuliano, Cesarò (Sicily)

Poetronica \ Visual Poem \ Etimasia

Grenfell Tower, London [2017]

Visual Poem – after the fire \ #Italian #spoken word \ Text & Voice: Rossella Scalia


The Exhibitions’ Voice: Reflections on Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016

What do you expect from an architecture exhibition? Answers, questions, suggestions? What do you expect from a book? And from a poem? Is there any song that gives you answers or does a rhyme exist to play with the sound of our uncertainties?

Explanations are the sterile objectification of a logic, the reasoning of an author, editor, curator, writer, the person who composes, she/he who creates. But are we sure we need explanations to think?

The ‘After Belonging’ Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 has been criticised for its lack of curatorial mediation, which perhaps means that the voice that says with veiled authority where to go, what to see, when to understand and how to interpret, is here luckily unheard.

Is it such a voice that we expect to find when visiting an architecture exhibition? A tourist guide of knowledge that wipes in a tour any subjective reflection, every question to which we do not know how to answer, a question that perhaps does not necessarily want an answer – is that always needed?

There is often a voice that goes along with Architecture, that voice is the question that we hear arriving at the eyes when we do not know the logic that has generated it. If the voice is almost a whisper, if it speaks with discretion and makes us take a personal position on the matter under debate, that voice is no longer a third element foreign to us, but it becomes our own voice, the sound powered by what we have seen and thought while watching.

The ‘In Residence’ &‘On Residence’ exhibitions reflect on key issues in contemporary architectural discourse, but more than anything else they trigger an analysis on the situation in which we find ourselves living today: a temporary world, a flow of movements, fast and uninterrupted communication, walls, boundaries, permanence, identity, our homes, the rapid exchange of objects, re-use, lack of possessions, fear of the other, and life itself that transforms into a constant journey.What do you expect from an exhibition? What do you expect from a voyage?

Thinking is the most productive of the pastimes, finding answers a useless duty.

What do you expect from this text?



Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 | The Barragán Archives: The Proposal | Jill Magid, Film Commissioner / Field of Vision | Photo©Rossella Scalia