Ghost Sicily: Raju Village

Raju Village (Fondachelli Fantina, Sicily) was hit by a disastrous flood in 1972 during which 4 people died. The village has been left empty since then.

Music & Voice (Ita): Rossella Scalia


Entertainment as a Passive Form of Culture

The Passion of J Christ2


A recurring phenomenon occurs when Entertainment becomes a passive form of Culture. Yesterday (25/03/2016) a religious event like the Passion of Jesus Christ took place in Trafalgar Square, London. A play of what happened (or not?) before and after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion was staged in the square. [1]

A giant cinema screen followed simultaneously the performance, and while the noisy traffic of the metropolis was running undisturbed around Nelson’s column, a voice pronounced dramatically the death verdict and the crowd, drinking a coffee, commented on the coup de théâtre like from the comfortable sofa of a living room. The climax came when the resurrection of the Christ was announced and a warm applause filled the piazza. From the central staircase of Trafalgar square Jesus Christ showed up in a white dress, and the monumental facade of the National Gallery framed the spectacular scene behind him.

The show finally finished!

Watching the theatrical/Hollywood cinema representation, I wondered if maybe culture has been reduced to a superficial entertainment operation that prevents us from seeing beyond the facts and immerse ourselves in a world that is ‘other’, a world that lives of spirit and reflection. Entertainment, in its simple and objective understanding, overcomes questions, avoids the complex and personal path towards opinions and interpretations and does so in an attempt to erase all traces of thought from the spectator’s mind.

A thought would make the Passion of Jesus Christ a belief rather than a show.