is not an ideary for architects, but for people who have been enchanted by it; it is not an ideary on architecture, but for architecture;
ancHoraImparo is a collection of ideas made as a painting: through restarts, adjustments, details; it never ends, it grows and improves constantly;
ancHoraImparo does not want to dictate, it would rather stimulate contradictions;
ancHoraImparo is a dialogue, not a soliloquy: only in madness we talk alone;
ancHoraimparo does not invent anything, it receives ideas and expresses them in a new way. Inventing means etymologically, finding, not creating;
ancHoraImparo has the eyes tired of looking at too many pictures, of watching without knowing. Only things may be pictured, not thoughts;
ancHoraImparo proceeds progressing and not getting tired of learning and changing its mind;
ancHoraImparo does not imply that what is written it is all true: there is not – time makes us understand – a truth, nor the truth. For everything there are at least two truths. Reality is the dramatic conflict of their eternal coexistence;
ancHoraImparo is my interpretation of what I read and know; it is a means to better represent things and facts to myself;
everyone has a different interpretation of what he/she reads or knows: in the act of interpreting lays the truth.
[Based on ‘ In Praise of Architecture’, Gio Ponti, 1957 ]

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