Trees as Men

Ai Weiwei, Tree, RA’s courtyard exhibition, London


Dead trees or alive, that is for us to decide.

Ai Weiwei’s trees in the courtyard of the Burlington House give a spirit to the place that escapes the pompous form of the ancient stones that enclose them.

The trees take shape through the meeting of fragments, small parts of trees harvested under branches not to remember the leaves that have fallen and the roots that have stopped their growth, but to acquire the lifeblood that comes from their nomadic stroll on earth.

Ai Weiwei’s trees are no longer trees; they have acquired a humanity that allows them to move, wander from place to place, encountering new branches and different roots that slowly become part of them.

The trees are the essence of our human impulses; they are Nature that transforms in order to take the form of men.


La temporaneità degli alberi

Tree, RA’s courtyard, Detail


Tree, RA’s courtyard 


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