The Reference System in London _ Renting a flat

What does the term reference really mean? Why does a landlord have the right to be a priori informed on everything that concerns the tenant and does never happen the contrary? Why does the tenant have no right to keep inviolate his/her own privacy? Why does the contract system is instead overlooked? A tenancy agreement is the only certain means that legally ensures the landlord that the rent is regularly paid and that any damage to the apartment will be punished by law.
That is all a landlord should be interested in, rather than claiming to know profession, nationality, bank statement, sexual orientation and lifestyle of the tenant; and the list may go on and on.
Is the reference system perhaps a way to go beyond the limits that separate a landlord and a tenant? These limits are governed by law; the link between these two characters is nothing more than a house. The house is representative of a boundary between public and private.

[ ‘People never learn anything by being told, they have to find out for themselves. Paulo Coelho ]


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